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Home Remedies for Sunburn

Sunburn is a form of radiation burn to the skin from overexposure to the ultraviolet (UV) radiation of the sun. Sunburns can be classified into first-degree-burns and second-degree-burns, the latter causing extreme pain and red blisters, along with possible damage to the nerve endings. The symptoms typically take around 2 hours to develop after your body, including your lips, eyes and scalp, has been exposed to the sunlight. Continue reading

Home Remedies for Stye

A stye is a painful bump occurring on the upper or lower eyelids caused by blockage of oil glands at the base of the eyelash, due to dirt. External styes occur on the outside of the eyelid whereas internal styes occur on the tarsal glands lining the eyelids on the inside. Painful burning sensation in the eyes, irritable itching, mucous discharge and blurred vision are common symptoms associated with styes. They can occur at any age, are generally harmless and do not seriously affect your eyes, except in rare cases. Continue reading

Hangover Home Remedies

Ever repented having that extra glass of beer the morning after? Ever had trouble remembering the details of the night before, all of which seem to be a blur? You, my friend have had a hangover. It is very common these days when people drink as a mode of relaxation, often going beyond recommended levels. According to a study, more than 70% of people have experienced a hangover the day after drinking, the rest are blessed with superior genetics. The typical symptoms of a hangover include headache, drowsiness, nausea, gastrointestinal problems, sweating and anxiety, which generally do not last for more than 24 hours. Continue reading