Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes, scientifically referred to as Periorbital puffiness caused by the accumulation of fluid in the under eye region, is a condition where the tissues surrounding the eyes swell. This condition may resolve on its own or some basic home remedies may be applied to relieve you from the swelling.

Puffy Eyes
Puffy Eyes

Natural remedies to treat puffiness

  • Whole milk: Whole milk, being rich in fat, smoothens the skin and helps to fix puffy eyes. Place a clean washed towel dipped in whole milk over your eyes for about 15 minutes.
  • Cucumber Slices: Being rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, cucumber is useful in reducing the redness and swelling. Its astringent property will lessen the inflammation, tighten the skin, as well as help in reducing dark circles. Put cool slices of cucumber over each eye for about 30 minutes to get the soothing effect. You may even extract the juice and apply it on your eyes with cotton balls. Some researches however claim that apart from its coldness cucumber does not have any other effective property to cure puffy eyes and the presence of bacteria in it can be harmful for the skin.
  • Egg whites: The skin tightening property in egg whites help in reducing puffiness, thereby lessening eye irritation. Whip the egg whites until they become stiff. Use a brush or soft cloth to apply it under your eyes and allow it to dry. Wash it off after 10 or 15 minutes with cold or luke warm water.
  • Potatoes: Potatoes being rich in starch contain anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the swelling. Grate some peeled potatoes and tie it up in a clean cloth. Put the poultice over your eyelids for some time.
  • Avocado: This fruit, being rich in oils good for the skin, serves as a good remedy. Slices of ripe avocado when put under each eye will provide relief.
  • Tea bags: The natural astringent or tannin present in tea helps in reducing swelling as it constricts the blood vessels in the region around the eyes. Put two tea bags in hot water for a few minutes, allow them to come to room temperature and apply them on your eyes for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can do this once or twice a week to tighten the skin around your eyes.

How to reduce puffy under eyes at home?

  • Cold water: Splashing cold water on your eyes is a fast process to get rid of puffy eyes from crying. Puffy eyes in babies and toddlers can be treated by cleaning their eyes with a warm wet cloth.
  • Applying cold or ice packs: Researches have stated that eye specialists lay much emphasis on this method than the natural remedies. Take a clean cloth soaked in ice water and compress it gently around the swollen area.
  • If your eyes are puffy because of sinus then add an extra pillow and sleep with your head elevated so that the accumulation of fluid around your eyes is lessened.
  • The Cold spoon remedy calms the blood vessels and tightens the skin around the eyes. Keep the spoons in the fridge overnight so that they are very cold before you use them. Take one spoon and place the round part over your eyes for a few seconds. Repeat this a few times to get a refreshing feeling.
  • Hemorrhoid cream: This has been usually applied by people to get quick relief from swelling of the under eye bags. It is said that the cream works to tighten the puffy region as well as reduces wrinkles. However researches have mentioned that the cream may lead to skin irritation. Make sure that it does not get into your eyes. Preparation H is one such hemorrhoid cream that has been used by professionals, but it is not recommended for regular use and precautions must be taken while applying it.

How to prevent puffy eyes?

  • Drinking plenty of water will hydrate your body well, thereby reducing the chance of water accumulation in any part of your body and in turn lessening the possibility of puffy eyes.
  • Puffy eyes in the morning can be a result of many factors. Massage the area around your eyes gently with your ring finger at least 10 to 15 times as it may keep you from waking up with puffy eyes by improving the blood circulation in the area.
  • Reduce salt and sodium content in your diet to prevent swelling and bloating.
  • Regulate your sleep cycle and practice some relaxation techniques.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption.
  • Eating a balanced diet of fresh fruits, protein, vegetables and whole grains combined with additional Vitamins (A, E, C) will prevent puffiness to a great extent.

If you have puffy eyes from thyroid or red itchy eyes because of any allergy then it is best to consult a doctor who can provide you with suitable eye creams, drops or even advise you for a surgery if the eye bags are a result of age.









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